03.08.17 - Support and Process Focus - Better, Clearer, Faster

The iCourt project team is taking advantage of the shift in project deployment dates to partner with Tyler Technologies and with Ada County and Twin Falls County to make our systems and processes better, clearer, and faster.  Teams are working on resolving open issues for each county by way of focused support sessions. The goal of these focused support sessions is to resolve problems that have been identified but that have not been resolved through normal support channels.  In addition, smaller teams of senior specialists from Tyler Technologies and project team members from the ISC are completing observation sessions to identify opportunities to improve and change business process or system configuration for efficiency and ease of use. The goal of the observations is to identify where we can change the project processes, system configuration, or our ongoing statewide business processes to use the new system as effectively as possible. 

In late February, a team from Tyler and the ISC had a focused two-day session with Twin Falls County in Boise.  We made solid progress in this session and teams will leave the session with more detailed work plans for the coming weeks. 

The iCourt team would like to thank the project’s pilot location, Twin Falls County, and the early adopter location, Ada County, for their focus and engagement as we work together to make future deployments as successful and effective as possible.