iCourt Project Overview & FAQs

The Idaho iCourt project is changing the way our Courts do business and serve the public. We are shifting from a legacy paper-based system to a modern electronic online judicial system by implementing integrated court management solutions and access tools. This project is in partnership with Tyler Technologies Inc., using the Odyssey software suite Tyler is a proven software company with 10 statewide court implementations and over 500 county court implementations across the country.

 The project is expected to take 3 years to realize statewide benefits. Once the complete system has been deployed to all counties, it will provide improved access to electronic court records, hearing schedules, court documents, e-filing and more. This new system will also provide tools to improve business practices amongst justice partners by providing around-the-clock access to court information, reduce costs from handling and storing paper files, streamline court processes, and deliver better information for judicial decision-making.

 Below you will find more information about each component of the complete iCourt solution.  These capabilities will be available once the statewide implementation is complete.

Description of each component of the iCourt solution