07.20.16 - Countdown to Ada Go-Live + Wave 1

Ada County will deploy iCourt Odyssey in 19 days and preparations are underway to finalize the cutover activities necessary for the launch on August 8. 

The last workshops to prepare the system for configuration and process testing of iCourt Implementation Event 3 (Wave 1) were completed this week. The Court Management Division will provide step-by-step worksheets to the counties to guide the documentation and testing of these processes. Testing will continue through the end of this year, with checkpoints along the way, to ensure the counties are making progress and configuration is being documented.

The Information Division applications staff also completed code mapping activities to ensure we were ready for the first set of converted data for the 10 counties in Wave 1. Workshops to guide the SMEs through a data conversion and to ensure they’re clear on logging issues are being scheduled for next week. As we turn our focus to Ada county go-live activities, the counties will continue testing and data conversion activities to keep project progress on track!

As part of the transition to iCourt, the Court Data Repository will be replaced by a new online system. Once iCourt launches in Ada County, the status of a trial court case or searches for criminal records of an individual within Ada County will be accessed on the iCourt Portal. Currently, Twin Falls County cases are available there and once all 44 counties have been transitioned to iCourt, all court records will be located online on the Portal. Training options and resources are available for those who wish to LEARN MORE.