06.01.16 - Electronic Filing to Launch in Ada County

In a few months, court documents can be filed, served, distributed and delivered electronically in Ada County. This new system will significantly decrease the amount of time it takes attorneys to file with the court and serve other parties.

In Ada County, electronic filing will be phased in before becoming mandatory for all cases on October 3. Here is the current schedule:

August 8, 2016: E-filing mandatory for the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office and the Ada County Public Defender’s Office. Attorneys for the City of Boise will be required to file subsequent criminal cases electronically.  

August 22, 2016: Voluntary e-filing for criminal cases.

September 6, 2016:  E-filing mandatory for criminal cases. Voluntary e-filing available for civil cases.

October 3, 2016: E-filing mandatory for all cases.

In Twin Falls County, attorneys say since e-filing became mandatory in January it has saved their offices time and allowed them to get court documents back faster for their clients. E-filing gives you the freedom to file any time of day from any location.

The Idaho Supreme Court will hold a series of in-person trainings to help firms become comfortable with how to e-file. Multiple training sessions will be held by the Supreme Court (click here for detailed schedule). Additional online seminars are available for free through Tyler Technologies. If you would like to register for an online training seminar, click here.   

In the next couple of years, e-filing will be mandatory across Idaho. Electronic filing will be implemented in each county as they transition to the new case management system, iCourt. The Idaho Judiciary is confident the transition will allow for improved information delivery and help increase Idahoans’ access to fair and efficient justice.

If you would like additional information on e-filing, please check our resources available on the iCourt Project web site here: http://icourt.idaho.gov/efile-resources